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View Article  Book signing in Huddersfield

I will be doing a Book signing in Huddersfield at the New Testament Church of God, Great Northern Street. The date will be Sunday Feb 7th 2010 at 11:00. For further details please ring the church administration office.

I will also be featured in the Huddersfield Examiner on Friday 5th Feb 2010.

Gonna be a good day....try and be there and get a signed copy of a great book for a special price.



View Article  Lewisham Library presentation

A special thankyou to all those who braved the cold and attended my talk and book signing at the Lewisham library in South London on Tuesday 26th Jan. There was musical entertainment, refreshments and of course.........a presentation.



View Article  Luton Radio interview
Will be interviewed on a Luton based radio show called G-Focus which is broadcast on BBC three counties Radio, 630 and 1161 MW, on Sunday 17th January 2010 from 5pm. Please tune in, and if not maybe it will be available for podcast over the following several days.
View Article  Release the book in you!!
Benefit from workshops or one to one consultations. Do you harbour a deep ambition or desire to write a book?   more »
View Article  BBG to Bristol
I need an excuse to visit Bristol   more »
View Article  Happy New Year to all visitors and readers

Here we are again, not only another year but a new decade 2010. Thankyou very much for purchasing a copy of my book and you can also keep up to date with events and updates for future editions of the book.

This year I will be coming to a venue near you to sign books and also to meet and this space. I also plan to travel to the USA as part of a promotional campaign, maybe even drop in on the Obamas for a cup of tea.

Highlight of my year was feedback from our very own Soul Queen Beverley Knight who is now part of the British Black Gospel readers club.


Make sure you see my new Video.


Have a great year!!