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View Article  Gospel for Haiti at Beatles Abbey Road Studios

The legendary Beatles recorded some of their greatest albums at the famous Abbey Road studio in North West London. As I emerged from the underground station I was filled with excitement and did not need to ask directions to this musical shrine as I simply followed its worhippers.....mainly foreign tourists of all ages.

My excitement was also backed up by laughter when I endured the site of tourists walking across the famous zebra crossings to the annoyance of the taxi drivers. To step where the Beatles trod is one thing...but to risk your life...

I must admit, being a man born with a sense of humour, I would not be outdone by our visitors and kindly asked a German tourist to take a photo of me whilst I........yes....walked across the worlds most photographed black and white road markings.....well it's not every day I come up here.

As I entered the temple of musical creativity I was met by receptionists who pointed me in the direction of the waiting room...or in this case the canteen. On the way, famous musicians who had graced these corridors were proudly displayed on the wall. For a brief moment it felt as if I was strolling casually through an art gallery or even travelling through time if I let my imagination go.

I could continue here and talk about all the legendary faces that were on I entered the canteen and looked around, the area was filled with the leading faces of both black and white contemporary music in the UK. I'm not going to name names just yet but will leave that to a future blog backed up by pictures and suitable captions.

Today was about something else..... an experience that I will find hard to put into words. Les Moir and Lawrence Johnson are two of the leading Producers and Musical directors in Christian music and British Gospel repectively. Both men have gained respect from the highest levels of the secular and Christian music divide. Today, these men made a great sacrifice and reminded me that despite what we achieve in life, humbleness and generosity is required of us. These men were generous with their time and skills and humble enough to remember thousands of victims in Haiti who as one person pointed out today....'not part of the headlines anymore'.

I walked away form this experience today, not as a singer...I'll leave that to others....but as a spectator. By having the freedom to walk around and look at this musical display from many perspectives I came to one final conclusion.

The television images of a tragedy in a Caribbean Island many thousands of miles away fired up two British men to bring together a multi-cultural singing unit that would raise badly needed funds.

These men responded to the same call after the 2004 boxing day Tsunami.

Les and Lawrence, I am proud of you both and what you have done today reminds me that no matter how high we fly........use our skills for the benefit of the less fortunate.

One day a book will be written about these guys, but I do get the feeling that they are not done yet.












View Article  Gospel Live Aid for Haiti
Watch this space folks!!!
View Article  Where are you now??
If you were involved in one of the groups in my book or are mentioned in any way I would be happy to hear from you...send me an will not be published.
View Article  Win a free signed copy of my book

I am offering a free copy of my book as a prize to the first person who can tell me the answer to the following question which is found in my book.

Where was Thomas Rutling born and where did he die?


View Article  Blog readers
A special thanks to those of you who have followed my blog. I will try to make it a bit more exciting.
View Article  Old black gospel vinyl albums
I would like to make an appeal to all my readers. If you have any of the albums that are mentioned or pictured in my book please get in touch with me. I have had a numbr of requests for these from collectors and would be happy to pass on details.
View Article  Black Pupil Achievement Awards

Please watch this space folks...I will be presenting an award at the University of Huddersfield  later this year.

Another busy day in the Laboratory today.



View Article  The Journey to West Bromwich

Set off very early this morning and headed for a leadership seminar hosted by the New Testamnt Church of God. The event was hosted at the Bethel Convention Centre in West Bromwich.

My brothers Alan and Kenrick made this intrepid journey along the M11, M25, M6 and M5. After arriving slightly late due to lots and lots of motorway we turned up to a crowded foyer but began to set up our stall with the precision and co-ordination of a military unit.


A special thankyou to the delegates who were very keen to visit our stand.....and look forward to meeting you again


Hope you and the first lady enjoy the book Bishop Brown!!


View Article  The Trip to Huddersfield

Hi Folks!

Special thanks to all the folks at Huddersfield who made my book signing and presentation on Sunday 7th Feb a success.

It was written up in the local newspaper, The Huddersfield Examiner, on Friday 5th and Monday the 8th of Feb for the record. The two people in the Monday article standing beside me at the desk made a special trip to the venue and I really appreciate that;

The BBG crew will be heading for the Bethel Convention centre in West Brom this weekend, Saturday 20th Feb 2010 as part of a trade show....see you there.....get a signed copy of my book.

Sorry I took so long to update my blog........been busy!!!

View Article  Muyiwa and Premier Radio

Appeared on Premier Radio interviewed by Muyiwa on Weds 3rd Feb 2010. It was great!!!

Muyiwa is one of the leading British Black gospel artists.