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View Article  Rocking Chair
By the way, I have entered the part of my life where I need a rocking chair and peace n quiet...I am a Grandad.
View Article  Distribution to the USA

British Black Gospel will be on release in the USA end of this month. May create opportunities to promote over there.....the cradle of Black gospel....should be interesting.



View Article  Facebook gang


A very keen and enthusiastic reader has begun a facebook page entitled...British Black Gospel. Check it out and please sign up!

Really appreciate that.


View Article  Radio Interview

I managed to make it to the Premier Radio station near Pimlico....... a bit late and with my heart hanging out of my mouth.

The interview went very well and the host Yinka was brilliant. My brother and photographer Alan 'Anju' Smith took some great pics which should be available on my blog soon.

The Premier Gospel show are giving away 1 free copy of my book every day for one week.

View Article  Promotion on Premier Radio

It's all happening next week!!           I will be interviewed on Monday 12th July 2010 on Premier Radio.......and my book will be promoted for the rest of the week with listeners gettng the opportunity to win a book each day. On Saturday the 17th I will be at a fete in Brixton selling and signing copies of my book.


Tak Care



View Article  The World Cup

Brazil knocked out of the world cup and Uraguay through....this looks very interesting...maybe Argentina??