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View Article  Thanks

A very special thankyou to everyone who purchased a copy of my book over the period of 2010 and also to those that have joined the BBG facebook page. I have travelled to Huddersfield, Birmingham, Bristol, West Brom and spoke in a number of venues around around London. It has been a good year and I appreciate all the interested parties and individuals who bought my book and also recommended to friends and family. All the reviews to date have all been excellent....please look out for more reviews...just google.


Look out for an exhibition of my book at Lewisham Library in South London in January 2011. 

View Article  Snow business like....

It was a rough week. Lots of snow, lots of stress travelling to work and I have never been in such a packed train carraiage.

Otherwise everything went well.


So the 2018 world cup will be held in Russia!!!